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Top TV – EastGate

Top TV

Top TV is one of many EastGate YouTube projects, which features short videos that fall into “Top Things You Didn’t Know About” type of category. Videos are uploaded regularly on this up and coming channel, and they best show off the talent behind our video and audio department, as well as the amazing voice-over talents that can be heard throughout Top TV videos.

The main point of the content found on the Top TV channel is to entertain, but we also try to incorporate an educational underline to them. That is because we believe a good multimedia product has one main benefit to it, but a great one has to have many.

The subjects we cover in our videos can vary from the extremely bizarre, all the way to the top facts about movies, politics, music, dogs, cats and even the loneliest inanimate objects. Currently, Top TV is featured only in Serbian, but plans are being made for it to also be featured in English language, for international audience.

In the near future, EastGate plans to produce a variety of videos that will span over a dozen of YouTube channels in different languages. Each channel will be focused on a different theme, but all will have one thing in common. High-End Quality Entertainment.

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